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November, 2022

  • 16 November

    Citizens of al-Bouladiyeh village intercept US occupation convoy in Qamishli countryside

    Hasaka, SANA- Citizens of al-Bouladiyeh village in Qamishli countryside, backed by army checkpoint personnel, expelled a convoy of US occupation including 6 vehicles that tried to enter the village. Local …

  • 13 November

    Turkish occupation continues cutting off water in Hasaka province

    Hasaka, SANA-The Turkish occupation and the terrorist organizations have continued to cut off water in Hasakah province by stopping operation of Allouk station. “for the 11 day in a row, …

  • 12 November

    US occupation continues looting Syrian resources

    Hasaka, SANA-The US occupation forces plundered 94 tankers and trucks loaded with oil and wheat from Hasaka countryside to north Iraq via the illegitimate border crossings. Local sources told SANA …

  • 2 November

    QSD militia forcibly seizes 60 apartments, threatens their owners in Qamishli

    Hasaka, SANA- The US occupation-backed QSD militia has continued to tighten the noose on civilians in their areas of deployment, as it has seized dozens of apartments under construction in …

October, 2022

  • 24 October

    Hasaka Governor, WFP delegation discuss cooperation

    Hasaka, SANA- Hasaka Governor Louai Sayouh discussed Monday with Representative of the World Food Program (WFP) in Syria, Kenneth Crossley and the accompanying delegation boosting joint cooperation in bakeries, agriculture, …

  • 20 October

    The Turkish occupation prevent conducting the necessary maintenance of the Alouk water station in Hasaka

    Hassak, SANA – The Public Establishment for Drinking Water in Al-Hasakah Governorate announced that the Turkish occupation and its affiliated terrorist mercenaries are blocking maintenance workshops from entering Allouk water …

  • 17 October

    The US occupation loots more Syrian resources of oil and wheat

    Hasaka, SANA- The US occupation forces looted on Monday new quantities of Syrian sources from al-Jazeera region and brohgt them out into northern Iraq. Local sources in al-Ya’arubyia, East of …

  • 12 October

    Two civilians injured in clashes erupted between terrorist groups in Hasaka countryside

    Hasaka,SANA- one man and a woman were wounded in Hasaka city due to clashes erupted between terrorist groups affiliated with Turkish regime. Local sources told SANA reporter in Hasaka that …

  • 10 October

    For 75th consecutive day, the suffering of Hasaka citizens continues as Turkish occupier still cuts off water

    Hasaka, SANA-The Turkish occupier and its mercenaries in the occupied city of Ras al-Ain, north of Hasaka province, continue their crime of suspending the Allouk water station from working for …

  • 7 October

    US occupation loots dozens of Syrian oil tankers from Rmelan fields

    Hasaka, SANA-The US occupation forces stole dozens of Syrian oil tankers from al-Jazeera fields to their bases in northern Iraq. “A convoy of 50 tankers of the US occupation, loaded …