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May, 2019

  • 18 May

    Al-Jaafari: Ending suffering of Syrians in Idleb requires ending investment in terrorism

  • 15 May

    Army establishes control over al-Madiq Castle and Rasm al-Ahmar in Hama northern countryside

  • 15 May

    Scores of terrorists of foreign nationalities killed in Hama northern countryside

  • 14 May

    Indian delegation visits Tishreen Thermal Plant

  • 14 May

    120 women benefit from the Center of Selling Rural products in Jablieh

  • 13 May

    Martyrs and injured people due to terrorist rocket attack on al-Suqaylabiyah

  • 13 May

    Power station of Shariah in Hama countryside under repair after the village was cleared of terrorism

  • 12 May

    SANA visits Kafar Naboudeh town after its liberation from terrorism

  • 11 May

    Variety of shells and weapons of remnants of “Daesh” terrorists found in al-Mayadeen area

  • 10 May

    Military parade marking victory over Nazism held at Hmeimim airbase