European tourists: Terrorism has sought to obliterate great civilizational heritage of Palmyra

Homs, SANA- A number of European tourists arrived in archeological city of Tadmour (Palmyra) where they visited its National Museum , the Temple of Bell , the street of columns, the Historical Theater and many other archaeological landmarks .

The tourists also documented by photos acts of sabotage and destruction which had been caused to historical monuments due to crimes committed by Daesh(ISIS)terrorist organization.

Speaking to SANA , tourist Kathrin from Britain pointed out to Syria’s great civilization to which terrorists have sought to obliterate with its known culture to the entire world , expressing sorrow over the destruction that affected the city at the hands of the terrorists.

For his part, Steve, a professor at a university in New Zealand, considered that Palmyra is a city of civilizational creativity through its archeological monuments, pointing out to importance of its strategic position on the Silk Road historically.



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