Four Katyusha rockets target U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

Baghdad, SANA- Four Katyusha rockets have targeted the U.S. embassy in Baghdad inside Baghdad’s high-security “Green Zone”.

An Iraqi military source told SANA correspondent in Baghdad that “Three rockets have struck the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, including one that slammed into a restaurant and a sport club for the U.S. troops, while the fourth rocket fell on the surroundings of the embassy.”

She indicated that the U.S. Embassy hasn’t said anything about the causalities which resulted from the attack.

 The military source affirmed that later a fifth rocket landed in the surroundings of the “Green Zone” without causing any fatalities or damage.

Sirens inside the U.S. Embassy continued wailing for 15 minutes as they were heard in the areas of al- Jadriya and al- Karrada in Baghdad.

Last Monday, three rockets fell on the surroundings of the U.S. Embassy in the “Green Zone” in Baghdad while the sirens wailed inside the embassy.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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