EU coercive measures on Syria … continued economic terrorism, absolute subordination to Washington

Damascus, SANA- The European Union (EU) decision to renew its unjust sanctions against the Syrian people can’t be separated from the US dictations in this regard, particularly as it coincides with the recent move by US President Donald Trump to tighten the unilateral coercive measures against Syria through implementing what they call as “Caesar Act” which in their entirety violate the international legitimacy and the international law.

Renewing the unilateral measures against Syria in light of the absence of a European political stance independent from Washington exposes the partnership that brought together the two sides of the Atlantic to support terrorist organizations in Syria and reveals the falsehood of hollow slogans launched by these countries on human rights, as the colonial West is directly responsible for the bloodshed of Syrians through supporting terrorism and it  is responsible for their suffering through the unjust sanctions that the European and American partners insist on continuing despite the Coronavirus pandemic and the international demands for lifting them immediately.

“European sanctions are measures that reflect the highest levels of political hypocrisy of European officials and their subordination to the United States,” and this is what has been affirmed by former member at the member of the Russian Duma Council, Chairman of the Russian Committee for Solidarity with the People of Syria and Libya Sergey Baburin.

Baburin said in an interview with a SANA correspondent that Western officials, by imposing coercive measures on Syria, not only contribute to starving its people and creating obstacles to its reconstruction again after the fierce terrorist war waged against the country, but they create additional possibilities for the continuation of their suffering by undermining the work of the Syrian health and medical institutions so therefore” The EU decision can be only described as an attempt to  commit a genocide against the Syrian people.”

The European Union’s subordination to Washington and its compliance with its orders made it blind to the results of its pro-terrorist policies and their repercussions not only on the Syrian people but also on the peoples of countries that do not walk in the orbit of the United States and oppose its agendas as the step to renew its coercive measures came with the aim of appeasing its American master in a way that exposes the falsehood of its allegations and the hypocrisy of its showy calls to alleviate the illegitimate sanctions against Syria.

Boris Dolgov, Senior Researcher at the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies, the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, noted that the European Union’s decision to renew coercive measures against Syria indicates that its claim to be an advocate of democracy at the international forums is nothing more than a political deception, adding that the European Union’s decision came in implementation of political dictations by the United States and that Europe is just a puppet in the hands of the United States.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has affirmed that the illegal move by the European Union reveals the hypocrisy that has become an essential feature of the European policies, noting that its unilateral actions are a flagrant violation of the most basic human rights and international humanitarian law and a crime against humanity in every sense of the word.

Although the European move was not surprising given the long history of the European Union’s subordination to the US decisions, coercive measures add other burdens to the Syrian people at a time when the entire world is trying to unite efforts to confront the Coronavirus pandemic, as they directly affect their  life and livelihood and hinder efforts to provide the medical means, capabilities, and infrastructure needed to confront the Coronavirus pandemic, and if this move confirms something, it proves once again that the European Union’s claims on defending human rights are just a farcical play, and that it is determined to prolong the suffering of the Syrians in implementation of the orders and desires of Washington.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that continuing to impose those sanctions in light of the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic is inhuman and contradicts with the international humanitarian principles and with the call of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for easing and stopping international restrictions that hinder the battle against the pandemic.

Europe’s history remains full of subordination to the American decisions, from the invasion of Iraq to the military intervention in Afghanistan to supporting terrorist organizations in Syria and waging an open terrorist war against the Syrian people, and the stance of European submission continue and continue to ignore international and popular calls and demands to end injustice and lift sanctions imposed on Syria and to end the policies of hegemony.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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