Czech Union: Burning agricultural crops in Syria by US occupation forces a war crime

Prague, SANA- The Czech Communist Youth Union has affirmed that burning agricultural crops and stealing oil and archeological artifacts in Syria at the hands of the US occupation forces is a war crime.

In a comment on its website, the Union indicated that that a lot of evidence and reliable sources confirm that the American occupation forces are burning agricultural crops for the Syrians through deliberately setting extensive fires and then intimidating civilians through carrying out sorties at low altitudes over their houses.

The Union added that destroying the Syrian agriculture and reviving the scorched-earth approach which had been used in Vietnam “has become now a military strategy adopted by the US in Syria,” which should be considered by the international organizations as a war crime.

Recently, local and media sources have affirmed that since the approach of the harvest season of the wheat and barley crops, Apache aircrafts affiliated to the US occupation forces have started to throw thermal balloons while flying at a low altitude over agricultural fields   causing the eruption of  a number of fires in wheat and barley fields in a number of villages in Hasaka countryside, at a time when the International Business Times news website, in its edition issued in Singapore, confirmed that the American President Donald Trump signed orders to burn agricultural crops in Syria.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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