Resuming pumping water from Alouk Water Station to Hasaka neighborhoods

Hasaka, SANA- Hasaka Water Company resumed operating Alouk Water Station in Ras al-Ayn countryside after stopping pumping drinking water from the station of nearly a week by Turkish occupation forces and its mercenaries.

Director General of Hasaka Water Company Mahmoud al-Ukla told SANA that 20 wells have been operated in the station to pump water toward water tanks in al-Hima area to be pumped water later to the eastern neighborhoods from Hasaka city on Saturday afternoon, indicating that the company will resume applying program of water rationing among areas there.

Turkish occupation forces positioned in Hasaka northern countryside deliberately cut off water from Alouk station which is considered as the only source for drinking water to people of Hasaka city and its western countryside.

Hybah Sleman/Shaza

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