Cabinet agrees to re-run aviation movement for passengers via Damascus International Airport

Damascus, SANA- The Cabinet on Tuesday agreed to re-run aviation movement via Damascus International Airport for passengers as of October 1st in accordance with conditions and criteria which guarantee general Safety.

The Cabinet, in a weekly session chaired by Prime Minister, Hussein Arnous, approved to set prices for 20 basic materials according to true production costs and obliging commercial activities to adhere to the published prices, issued by the Ministry of internal Trade and consumer Protection, otherwise, taking tough penalties against manipulators, calling for the need to expand experiment of popular markets and deliver goods from the producer to consumer.

The Cabinet also discussed the draft ministerial statement and its directives and goals to meet  citizens’ basic needs and to improve the economic and livelihood situation as well as  supporting  the agricultural and industrial production within specified deadlines.

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon

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