Syria strongly backs China-proposed Global Initiative on Data Security

Damascus, SANA_ Syria has expressed its strong support for China-proposed Global Initiative on Data Security.

That came in a statement on Saturday by Foreign and Expatriates Ministry of which SANA received a copy.

“In light of the information revolution, digital economy and within the framework of keenness on data security, supply chains in the world, pushing advancement of the digital economy in a way that serves economic and social development and the welfare of peoples, combating pressure and harassment on foreign companies and digital protectionism practiced under the pretext of national security, Syria strongly backs China-proposed initiative,” the statement said.

The statement added that this initiative will work on maintaining an open, secure and stable supply chain, refusing to destroy the essential infrastructure and misuse information technology for other countries, such as data theft and penetration of personal data, as it will work on confirming the options of companies in the place of data storage and not allowing access to data from outside the borders, whether for companies or individuals without the permission of the host country.

The Chinese initiative, according to the statement, is an additional step taken by China towards a world dominated by equality in opportunities, justice, freedom and respect and protection of nations and ideas.

The initiative deserves the support of all countries in the world keen on the security of global data and the development of the digital economy in a manner that serves all countries of the world, especially developing countries, the statement concluded.



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