Outstanding basic education students describe their meeting with Mrs. Asma al- Assad as incentive to continue excellence

Damascus, SANA- 60 outstanding students from different Syrian provinces have excelled in the Basic Education certificate for the round 2020 through obtaining full marks and they lived a boundless happiness as similar to every year they were honored while being received by Mrs. Asma al-Assad to encourage them and give them an incentive to continue their success and to contribute to building their homeland.

A number of the honored students expressed happiness and appreciation for meeting Mrs. Asma al-Assad, affirming determination to make more successes in their study.

Student Carla Antonius al-Daoud from al-Maounah School in Damascus indicated that the meeting was special as Mrs. Asma Al-Assad received them in these difficult health conditions imposed by the outbreak of the Coronavirus and added .. “It was an indescribable feeling that will not be erased from my memory when I saw her ..This meeting left a profound impact in myself and motivated me to continue diligence, and to raise the name of Syria high.”

The joy and beauty of the meeting was expressed by student Shaza Ahmad from the Martyr Wassim Jamous School in Damascus, through her statement to SANA as she said: “We have been dreaming of this meeting since the beginning of the school year … it is an incentive to continue with success and insistence on staying on the top .. We are honored to meet the First Lady who encouraged us to continue studying to achieve our goals. She was happy and proud of us and congratulated us on our excellence.”

She continued: “We touched the eagerness of Mrs. Asma to support education, excellence and creativity to promote the progress of the homeland and heal its wounds after all the scourges of war and terrorism which it has suffered from.”

Maria Ahmed al-Wannous, from Damascus countryside, explained that the First Lady focused during the meeting on the role of both the school and the parents who support students in the path of excellence and success, in addition to the fact that excellence must be continued at the same level to achieve more excellence in the high school certificate because the student who has reached this success will not accepts anything less than it.

Meanwhile, student Saif Mohammad Zahir al-Yousifi from Aleppo took the advice of the Fir

st Lady and considered it a way to learn and work .. “She told us that continuing this excellence  must be in all fields to achieve the homeland’s development with science,” adding .. “This meeting motivates us to excel at the high school to come back and meet her again.”

Samar Samer Dayoub, a student from Homs Province, expressed her happiness to meet Mrs. Asma al-Assad, saying: “Any person who excelled in his study when he finds someone who is honoring him for this excellence will be more motivated to continue his success… we are proud of our meeting with her as she waits for us after high school. We will work hard and come back and meet her after three years.”


Student Maya Nader Abbas, from Tartous province, described the meeting with the First Lady as a big dream that she had always wished for years when she has been watching Mrs. Asma al-Assad honoring excellent students every year and added: “I thank God that I was one of the excellent students who had the honor of meeting Mrs. Asma, who treated us today as her children. She was pleased with our excellence and advised us to continue excel and success, because it is a way to reconstruct Syria with the minds of its children and to strengthen their belonging to it.”

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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