Hind Zaza: President al-Assad’s phone call will light up my way towards crowning podiums

Damascus, SANA-“Today was not a usual day in my life,” Syrian promising table tennis player, Hind Zaza, described her day after receiving a telephone call from President Bashar al-Assad.

The Olympics icon, Hind, who made the event at Tokyo Olympics as she was the youngest participant player, expressed her joy over President al-Assad’s phone call.

“This day was not usual as the voice of President al-Assad emerged through the telephone… his speech will remain as a lamp that will light my way towards the crowning podiums at the Arab and international forums,” Zaza told SANA in a statement.

She added that when President Assad told me “I am proud of you,” I pledged him that in next Olympics of 2024, I will obtain a medal that will make all the Syrian people happy.

Zaza went on to say that the upcoming championships will be titled “the achievement”, and “we will not be satisfied with anything else, and we are able to do that and we will obtain medals for the Syrian sport,  raise our flag and play our national anthem at those forums.”

The General Sports Federation announced that President al-Assad made a phone call with player Zaza on Thursday and appreciated her will and high determination, expressing the Syrians’ pride in her as a promising Syrian talent who highly raised the name of her country.

Manar Salameh/ Mazen Eyon

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