Daraya City… Remarkable increase in number of shops and economic activities

Damascus Countryside, SANA- After the return of most services to it, the city of Daraya in Damascus countryside is witnessing today an economic movement in the field of craft and commercial professions, restaurants and building supplies, in addition to an increase in the number of doctors’ clinics, pharmacies, lawyers’ offices and others, in a way that depicts activity and prosperity soon for the city, which has been a destination for many Syrians.

The increase in the number of shops in the city’s markets reflects what has been accomplished during the past two years in that area where terrorism wreaked havoc and destruction during the years of the war on Syria, as it has recovered at the economic and commercial levels thanks to the efforts exerted by its locals the authorities concerned, according to the opinion of a number of shop owners whom SANA interviewed.

Mahmoud Samra, owner of a food products store, said in a statement to SANA’s delegate that the city is currently witnessing a good movement, and within a short period of time, commercial and economic business will witness a clear prosperity as it was before, especially after securing the necessary infrastructure and services for its residents.

Alternative energy supplies were available at the markets of Daraya, where people began to realize their importance in light of the electricity rationing, according to Bashar Barakat Khulani, owner of a shop that sells solar panels.

He added that Daraya is heading towards an active urban and economic movement and some citizens have started installing solar panels.

Mohammad Khair Kokash, who works in a shop for buying and selling mobile phones said “The buying and selling movement is much better than last year.”

Meanwhile Alaa Ajam pointed out that their store recorded an increase in the movement of selling household appliances due to the increase in the number of residents returning to their homes from the previous year, who are completing their needs.

The movement of microbuses and people is no less than the new shops in the markets, where Ahmed Najjar, a microbus driver on Damascus-Daraya line, stated that he started working since the beginning of people’s return to Daraya, and the movement has increased fourfold and more after the people returned to their businesses and professions.

Raafat Gudimi, owner of a shop selling detergents, noted that he returned to the city four months ago after the improvement which the city has witnessed, wishing that the electricity situation would improve because it would improve the city’s urban, economic and social movement.

In the same context, Head of the local council in the city of Daraya, Marwan Obeid, stated that the work continues in the city on a daily basis to provide basic services and infrastructure, including sanitation, electricity and water, in conjunction with the return of various government and service institutions, which has contributed to the return of about 80 thousand people so far, and the economic and agricultural activities and the shops, crafts and professions have been improving, and there are currently 400 shops, and the number has been increasing.

Obeid hailed the standing partnership and cooperation between the economic activities, the people and the local council, which have resulted in the completion of many works, all of which have served the citizen and the return of normal life to the city.

He pointed out that there are many joint service projects to be implemented successively, which will contribute to the prosperity of the commercial and economic movement more.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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