Sahwat  al-Khudre Village in Sweida.. attractive factors for tourism investment

Sweida, SANA – Several natural, environmental and archaeological factors that distinguish Sahwat al-Khudre village in Sweida southeastern countryside which make it remarkable to be one of the most important investments in the domain of tourism product industry.

Sahwat al-Khudre, which is about 25 km from the center of Sweida province, is considered as one of the Syrian rural villages, including a variety of terrain and nature, like high mountains, peaks, valleys, plains, rocky slopes, and high cliffs, according to Chief of its municipality, Fasyal Mazkour .

The village connects several villages likes Tal al-Louz and Bahm. It includes an archeological area that dates back to very ancient times, religious sites and rural houses built of basalt stones  distributed on rocky slope.

Mazkour adds that some archaeological sites in the area refer that the name of the village was taken from the word of al-Sahwa which means hard or rigid rock, then the name was attributed to al-Khudre- one of the Islamic clergymen-during the Islamic era.

He pointed out that the village is distinguished by two churches and a temple and it is located within an archaeological surrounding, such as Tal Jafna and Tal Khazar.



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