Do you know that historic Marjah Square in Damascus Old City is known as Martyrs Square?

Damascus, SANA- Marjah Square, also known as Martyrs’ Square, is a square located outside the walls of the Old City at the heart of Damascus Capital City.

Marjah Square has witnessed important political events, including the execution of the heroes of the Great Syrian Revolution 1925- 1927 A.D.

In mid-August 1951, Jamal Pasha as-Saffah “the Bloodthirsty” arrested a number of freemen, Arab leaders and thinkers, and after a mock trial, they were sentenced to death by hanging. The sentence was executed in Marjah Square, and that is why it was called “Martyrs Square”.

In the middle of Marjah Square stands one of the landmarks of Damascus City, the telegraph column, which was built a hundred years ago.

A model of a mosque was built on this column, the smallest in the world.

This column and model commemorated the inauguration of communications between the center, Damascus, Medina and the Islamic countries at the end of the Ottoman era, coinciding with the launch of the Hijaz railway from Damascus City and the train station adjacent to Marjah Square.

This monument was designed by the Italian artist Pablo Rossini and made of pure bronze.

Translated by: Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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