Maktab Anbar… a house that blends between Orient and Western architecture

Damascus, SANA- The Damascene house is a fascinating world with unique characteristics that push the visitor to wander its corridors and sections.

One of the most famous ancient houses in Damascus is Maktab Anbar which is considered as the second largest house in the Syrian capital where elements of beauty extend over a large area which are mixed with the urban inscriptions and exquisite decorations that adorned its pavilions.

Maktab Anbar is a house in the center of Old Damascus. The house was built as a private residence by its original owner Mr. Anbar in the mid 19th century and was later confiscated by the Ottoman government after Mr. Anbar’s bankruptcy.

The palace was not only an amazing Damascene house, but it turned, after its inauguration before nearly 150 years, into a school from which most prominent national and cultural figures have graduated, like renowned poet Nizar Kabbani, former President Shukri al-Quwatli.

Director of Old Damascus Department, Mazen Farzli, told SANA that the house is considered as one of the most perfect Damascene houses in terms of area and architectural elements after al-Azem Palace, adding The house is built around three courtyards, first the formal reception courtyard, behind this the attractive female courtyard, and finally the spartan servants’ courtyard.

Farzli said that the area of the house is 4000 m2, so it is considered as a palace for its large area, adding it is   is characterized by its decorative elements of Mashrabiya,  Ablaq architecture, and Damasco.

Nisreen Othman/ Mazen Eyon

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