A Syrian Mother: My four sons sacrifice their lives for the homeland

Tartous, SANA –The 6th of May brings to mind stories of heroism, glory, commitment and all sacrifices that the Syrians have made to defend the independence of their homeland and its territorial integrity over the years.

The Martyrs’ Day, which annually marked on May,is an opportunity to honor and pay tribute to all Syrian mothers and their sons for their sacrifices to confront the terrorist war waged on their country since 2011.

The Syrian mother, Sanaa Ahmad, ( Um Rami) , a native of Tal Aawa village in Safita municipality in the coastal province of Tartous, lost all four of her children in the Syrian army’s battles against terrorists.

Um Rami ,mother of four martyrs, Hasan, Rami, Basel and Ali ,said that she is proud of her four sons who martyred for the sake of their country.

” In 2012, the first martyr of my children, Hasan, passed away in Quneitra province ” as she said with the pain and pride of her children martyrdom.

The mother of martyrs went to say  “After 9 months, I lost my second son, Rami, in Aleppo in 2013, and after seven years his martyrdom was announced. He was married and had three children.”.

” My third son Basel, martyred in Homs, as he was fighting the terrorists with his comrades in the Syrian Arab army ” Um Rami said.

She said “In July 2020, my fourth son Ali injured , who is married and has three children, as a result of the Israeli aggression against the scientific research headquarters in Damascus , then he martyred after one month cause of the injury”.

Um Rami stressed that the homeland deserves all sacrifices to remain safe and peaceful country.


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