Syrian- Italian archaeological mission ends its work for documenting and evaluating earthquake damage at Amrit site

Tartous, SANA- The works of joint Syrian- Italian archaeological mission ended Tuesday for the first season at Amrit site in Tartous province, which included documenting and evaluating the earthquake damage that hit Syria recently and affected the architectural remains at Amrit site, particularly the ground cemetery of Abu Afsa discovered in2003, in addition to carrying out emergency work inside it.

Director of excavation and archaeological studies, Hammam Saad, said in a statement to SANA reporter that the Syrian and Italian sides worked according to a joint plan to rehabilitate the site in future and prepare studies for tourist routes .

” Amrit site was affected by the earthquake, which caused collapses in the ceiling of inner cemetery which fell on tombs inside it and side walls, in addition to some cracks, and the percentage of damage in site is light, in comparison to damage caused to some Syrian archaeological sites, especially the coastal ones, including al-Marqab and Salah al-Din Citadel, in addition to Aleppo Citadel” Saad added .

He said that as result of collapses at the cemetery , the matter required to implement some works of cementing , raising scaffolds , and removing the collapsed rubble, in order to put a complete documentation plan , in preparation for restoration works and completion works of documentation , which will be during the second season of mission next October.

Saad affirmed the importance of mutual cooperation between Syrian and Italian sides because it is the first mission at Amrit site, adding that the reason of forming joint mission in the site is for its significance in order to achieve benefit and establishing development projects.

Hybah/ Mazen Eyon

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