First Lady, Mrs. Asma al-Assad visits the clothing factory in Tartous countryside

Tartous, SANA- First Lady, Mrs. Asma al-Assad visited the clothing factory within the Muthanna Production Complex in Tartous countryside.

The factory started from a small workshop with a few male and female workers, to become today a large production complex that includes hundreds of those who possessed the profession and skill, mixed with the passion for work and production, so they became truly productive, and this complex became an example which proves that the vision and will are those that create capabilities and not the other way.

Mrs. Asma al-Assad said it was clear during my tour of the departments of this civilized facility that you have a lot of enthusiasm, energy and passion for work and production.. I mean a hive that does not calm down, and this prompted me to ask about the relationship between this scene and the general scene that we live as Syrians, how they are similar and where they contradict.

The First Lady added: “It is true that we live in suffering today, and this suffering takes us in one of two directions, either towards frustration and despair, or towards confrontation and challenge , and you, in this productive work, have chosen the second possibility”.

Mrs. Asma al-Assad continues: “it is possible that when the reflection on this project began, the economic factor was the main factor at the time of implementation. But when we see so much focus and commitment to the general safety of workers, attention to their health and comfort, and emphasis on preserving their dignity and rights, here the humanitarian factor becomes the most important factor”.

“Most things in life are born small and then grow up.. A person is an initiative and an idea, even a project except for ambition, as it starts large and remains so, because its basis is vision and will, and when we got to know each other for the first time three years ago, the project was small in size, but your vision It was clear, your will was firm, and your ambition knew no bounds, today, you are great in stature, experience and ambition. You have grown up, and we have grown through you” Mrs. Asma al-Assad said.

The First Lady concluded by saying: I thank you and salute you for your love for each other, for your devotion to your work, and for your constant desire to give the best, and at the same time I salute the financiers of this project, which is a model for the national economy. These financiers are convinced that individual profit is always part of the collective profit”.

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