Al-Hallaq: Necessity to create an appropriate environment for media cooperation

Hangzhou/China, SANA-With the participation of Syria and 14 Arab countries, the sixth radio and television cooperation forum between China and Arab countries was concluded in the Chinese city of Hangzhou.

The final statement of the forum stressed the need to boost Chinese-Arab media cooperation in the areas of presenting the true image of mutual friendship and sharing the fruits of sustainable development, cooperation in the field of exchanging programmes, news, training and expertise, and consolidating policy dialogue to enhance conceptual communication between the two sides.

The final statement stressed the need for cooperation in technological empowerment to advance the integrated development of media and in the production of high-end content.

Minister of Information, Dr. Boutros Al-Hallaq, during his speech at the forum, stressed the necessity of cooperation to spread the idea of sustainable development, and to join hand in hand to firmly reject terrorism, including intellectual and media terrorism, and to stimulate dialogues and discussions on shared and non-shared concepts, and to practice constructive criticism and cooperate together to create a positive environment for public opinion.

Minister Al-Hallaq affirmed the need to work to create a suitable environment and facilities to enhance Chinese-Arab media cooperation.

He pointed out that the importance of the forum is that it provides a stimulating environment for drawing up policies to enhance conceptual communication between China and Arab countries, and establishes a dialogue that has become a realistic necessity dictated by the current circumstances of many of our countries that are witnessing a state of instability.

Al-Hallaq stressed the need to provide favorable conditions and more facilities to enhance Chinese-Arab media cooperation, through the exchange of media experiences, exchange of visits to learn about distinguished experiences, and financing media projects that aim to enhance friendship and communication between peoples.


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