Arnous visits Innovation and Technology exhibition in Tehran

Tehran-SANA-Prime Minister Hussein Arnous and the accompanying delegation were briefed on the latest findings of Iranian experts and researchers in the fields of technology and its various uses.

That came during Arnous visit to the (Creativity, Invention and Technology) exhibition of the Iranian Presidential Research Center in Tehran.

Rouhollah Dehghani Firouzabadi Vice President for Science and Technology, talked about the exhibition’s scientific, technological and research exhibits, expressing the readiness to transfer Iranian technology and expertise to the Syrian side.

Arnous held a meeting with the Vice President for Science and Technology , in the presence of a number of business sector events in the two countries.

The both sides discussed means of enhancing cooperation between Syria and Iran in the field of technology and knowledge technologies in a way that contributes to serving the various scientific, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Arnous affirmed that the modern technologies have contributed in the development of various fields of work, and the necessity of strengthening bilateral cooperation in the field of technology transfer and exchange of experiences, in addition to enhancing cooperation between research centers in the two countries, holding exhibitions and supporting modern industries.

He said in a statement to Iranian state television that we congratulate the friendly Iranian people on this progress and these achievements in the field of informatics ,adding that We will work to cooperate with the Iranian Research, Technology and Creativity Exhibition and have a branch in Syria.


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