Official delegations offer condolences on demise of President Raisi and Abdollahian

Damascus, SANA- The Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus received Wednesday mourning delegations of the martyrdom of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian and their companions, due to the crash of helicopter they were traveling in, at the embassy headquarter.

Vice head of National Progressive Front, the Ministers of Interior, Administrative Development, Local Administration and Environment, and head of General Federation of Trade Unions offered condolences.

Vice Chair of National Progressive Front, Major General Muhammad al-Shaar, said in a speech in the register of condolences that The National Progressive Front offered condolences the leadership and people of Iran in this great loss, and wishes them to overcome this ordeal with all strength, determination and faith.

Minister of the Interior, Major General Muhammad al-Rahmoun said in a statement to reporters: The martyrs were servants of their people and their country and have a special relationship with Syria, and they are continuing on the same path that they set with firm steps.”.

In turn, the Minister of Administrative Development, Dr. Salam Safaf, said that the martyrdom of President Raisi and his Foreign Minister is a great loss for the two countries and the two peoples, and they had a good impact on the Syrian people and their leadership through strategic relations.

President of General Federation of Trade Unions, Jamal Al-Qadri, extended his deepest condolences to the Iranian people for this painful tragedy.

Condolences were also offered by the Governor of Quneitra, President of the University of Damascus, a number of clerics, tribal sheikhs, tribal notables, popular delegations, businessmen, representatives of institutions and unions, a number of leaders and representatives of Palestinian factions in Damascus, members of the People’s Assembly, and ambassadors and representatives of Arab and foreign diplomatic missions in Syria.


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