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August, 2019

  • 21 August

    “Joury” short film in a special screening at Damascus-based Opera House

  • 20 August

    Musical evening at Opera House

  • 20 August

    An interview with plastic artist Maamoun al-Shayeb

  • 18 August

    Over 400.000 pills of Captagon seized in Damascus countryside

  • 18 August

    SANA’s camera accompanies army personnel in villages of Um al-Zeitoun and Abdin after liberating them from terrorism

  • 16 August

    SANA’s camera tours Tal al-Sakhir liberated town in Idleb southern countryside, documents brutality of terrorists there


  • 15 August

    Heavy losses inflicted upon terrorists in direction of Tal A’as and Kafr Ain, Idleb southern countryside


  • 15 August

    Celebrating Eid al-Adha in Damascus (Photos, video)

  • 14 August

    Heavy losses inflicted upon terrorists in liberated areas in Idleb

  • 13 August

    Army liberates al-Habit town in Idleb southern countryside from terrorism