US occupation brings in 100 vehicles to its base in Remailan, Hasaka countryside

Hasaka, SANA- The US occupation forces brought in one hundred trucks and tankers carrying logistic materials from Iraqi territories to reinforce their military bases in Hasaka countryside.

Local sources from al-Yaroubiya countryside told SANA reporter that a convoy consists of 100 tanker loaded with containers, refrigerated tankers and trucks entered from the Iraqi territories via the illegitimate al-Waleed crossing in two batches, the first batch includes 60 vehicles and the second includes 40 ones.

The batches are accompanied by military armored vehicles which headed from Suwaydiya station to the town of Remailan, about 68 KM to the east of Qamishli city.

Last Thursday, the US occupation forces brought in 48 refrigerated tankers carrying logistical materials through the same crossing to support their bases in the Hasaka countryside.

Bushra Dabin /Hala Zain

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